Dear Fitzsimmons Real Estate

- “If you are considering having a Clearing Sale I would highly recommend Fitzsimmons Real Estate”. Fitzsimmons Real Estate conducted our Clearing Sale of Earthmoving Equipment in May 2017. During the set up phase we received a lot of support and advice. The advertising was put together well and an excellent response was achieved from Buyers. On the day, the sale was conducted professionally with prices achieved being at the top end of our expectations. Regards, Ashley Theuerkauf.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________   - Thank you for helping me with the clearing sale at 'Bonac' - September 2013. The whole experience from dealing with you personally, through to the actual clearing sale day itself was easier than expectation. I appreciate the respect and ease I was treated with. You and you staff including: Michael, Andrew and the Auctioneer Ray), made the whole experience a breeze. You helpe...

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